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GGS-Khazar LLC is one of the leading geophysical service companies providing a full range of offshore geophysical services including site surveys, seismic acquisition based on 2D, 3D and 4C technologies, QC, data processing and interpretation.

PGS-Khazar (new name GGS-Khazar) was founded in 2006 on the basis of partnership relations between PGS ASA (Norway, founded in 1991) and Russian company. In the same year PGS-Khazar LLC bought out assets of JSC Geo-Khazar (Russia, founded in 1998).

On the 5th of June, 2015 the Agreement on transfer of 100% ownership were signed with Kazakh geophysical service company Geo Energy Group LLP which is a parent company of the big holding group including operating, transport and drilling equipment companies.

GGS-Khazar focuses its activity on shallow water acquisition using up-to-date digital telemetric systems, reliable seismic sources, and special paddle vehicles.

The Companys profile is shallow water areas, including rivers and impoundments, transition zones (TZ), tidal areas filled with weeds. The Company also performs deep water survey, HRS survey, acoustic and engineering study.

 The sphere of current tasks is extremely wide:

  • delineation of structural-tectonic elements (regional CDP surveys), deep exploratory drilling (detailed 2D & 3D surveys), and multi-component surveying (4C);
  • seismic lithological interpretation, engineering studies on the drilling sites, offshore pipelines, and harbor installation;
  • specialized processing sequence and integrated data interpretation.
The company staff numbers around 110 persons. Company employees are highly skilled specialists many of whom have vast experience in shallow water field operation. Stuff skills and quality, engineering and processing capabilities make it possible to focus on deep structure study in shallow water areas which are the most difficult for geological prospecting.

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Relevant information
  1. The change of the owner was in June 5th, 2015.Geo Energy Group LLC being one of the major geological and geophysical holdings in Kazakhstan became 100% owner and the main partner of GGS-Khazar.In this regard the company was rebranded. For the present moment the full name of the company is a limited liability company Global Geophysical Services Khazar, abbreviated company name - in Russian and GGS-Khazar LLC in English. Please see the changes in Logo
  2. GGS-Khazar LLC is a legal successor of PGS-Khazar LLC and is liable for its debts and agreements. The previous resources as fleet, equipment, and personnel are kept the same. The vessels, hull and geophysical equipment have undergone regular preventive maintenance during out-of-season 2015-2016. The vessels have ship class survey with RMRS, amendments are made in ship documentation with regard to free navigation up to the spring 2017. The company is exploring its participation in different tenders from HRS and acoustic surveys to 3D4C acquisition.

The Company opportunities can be extended by attracting if necessary the parent company resources including onshore and offshore facilities.

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